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Scent Tubes / Odor Imprinting Tubes

Scent Tubes / Odor Imprinting Tubes

Product is made to order

Price is per tube. Great for odor imprinting. Vessels not included. See training aids to order vessels.

How do I use one? Note: This is only one way to use it so if you know other ways definitely feel free!

See videos:

Put your odor under the drain and when your dog's nose goes into the tube, reward your dog through the quick reward hole.

Buy multiple and put in multiple odors or distractors!

I love having one blank one, one with odor and one with a distractor, and only reward when my dog's nose is in the tube with odor.
  • Made of heavy duty PVC
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick reward delivery
  • Tube, base and drain are removable
What's included:
  • 45 degree angled pipe with reward hole (Exact model may vary slightly from the photo.)
  • Drain
  • Base
  • 3" Cup to hold odor/vessel/distractor under the drain (Not shown. This allows for an easy clean up without the odor/vessel/distractor touching the ground).
Measurements are approximately:
  • 7" high
  • 7" diameter of base
  • 3.5" reward delivery hole
  • 4" hole for dog

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