• Photo: Mini hides. Check out our other vessels too!

  • What are your vessels made of?

    P.L.A (Polylactic Acid), a non-toxic biodegradable plastic.

    It has excellent resistance to oil and grease; it offers a good barrier to aroma and oxygen and a low barrier to steam.

  • Prepping your vessel

    • Place the prepared Q-tips directly inside the vessel using tweezers to handle Q-tips.

    • You can leave your Q-tips in for a short period of time but do eventually clean it & load it with new Q-tips because oils react to all surfaces it touches. This may cause training issues because the reaction changes the way the odor smells.

  • Periodically clean or change out your vessels

    Clean out your vessels by wiping the inside with an 70% + isopropyl alcohol a.k.a rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide 6% etc. or whatever your local nosework trainer/community advises. Cleaning will prolong the life of the vessel. To ensure your dog accurately trains for the target odor, periodically consider changing out your vessels for new ones and vary them as much as possible.

    Generally, these are good best practices with ALL types of vessels, plastic OR metal. Have fun out there

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