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Mini Hide Vessel (4 Pack)

Mini Hide Vessel (4 Pack)

How fun is this! Slightly bigger than our micro hide, the mini hide allows for more Q-Tips but still small enough to be hidden. It is vented with 4 holes at the top. It also has a magnet at the bottom.  

  • Made of PLA filament 
  • PLA has an excellent resistance to oils and greases and to many other chemical agents; it offers a good barrier to aroma and oxygen, a low barrier to steam.
  • Main characteristic of the PLA is a 100% biodegradability and a 100% compostability.
  • Big enough to fit many Q-Tips
Approximate measurements:
0.9" diameter
0.9" tall

**Caution: A Pet or animal could accidentally consume the vessel if reward is placed close to it.
Always determine the suitability of all products for your individual situation and needs.**

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