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Magnetic Aerial Sniff Line

Magnetic Aerial Sniff Line

Introducing the magnetic aerial line! You can use tins or our mini or micro hides to stick your suspended hides and vessels quickly with this line! Get those noses flying! Suitable for advance dogs. 

It's portable and small, great for smaller spaces, and easy of quick setup and take down. No tying lines and cutting. Designed for personal use. 

I designed this because I wanted something quick and easy. It by no means does not replace any other trial-type aerial hides that you should practice for but at least helps get your dogs in the right mind-space quickly without hassle.

Pro tip: When mounting it, mount it just high enough for your dog's nose to reach the hides so as not to cause the dog to run into the line.  Mini hides are removable as it is magnetic and can double has hides for other types of searches.

Package includes:

  • 9 feet of skinny BioThane® line
  • A pack of 8 mini hides in a multi pack of random colours (A $46 value!)
  • Ends are attached via a clasp and a ring with a BioThane® stopper

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