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Hole Hook (1 Pack)

Hole Hook (1 Pack)

Convenient hooks for the holes on your Ruffland Kennels! Great to hold your dog gear, ribbons from trial or anything 20lbs and under.

  • They are specifically designed for Ruffland Kennels (Gen 1 and Gen 2)
  • They are removable, not permanent. They slide on or off as needed.
  • Hooks are made to order 
  • Made of plastic PLA 
  • Extreme heat may soften the hook. Reduce weight as needed. 
  • If you have ordered prior crate tags, some colours may have changed slightly since then as they vary from batch to batch. Please contact us prior to ordering if this is a concern and we will try our best to recommend the best match with our current colours.
  • Ensure to determine suitability for your dog
  • Sizes slightly vary across hooks & sizes
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