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1" wide BioThane® French Martingale

1" wide BioThane® French Martingale

The slip leash is perfect for quickly moving your dog from one place to another, quick potty breaks, emergency back up leash, barn hunt, agility you name it!  It is a leash and collar in one!  

French Martingale vs slip leash:
  • French Martingale has a wider collar that is not the same width as the leash and it is not part of the leash. It is still attached to the leash but it is it's own entity.
  • Made with stainless steel rings and non-ferrous/brass rivets (Won't rust!).
  • Accent colour is the secondary colour on the handle and edges of the collar. 
  • If no accent colour is selected, the default is the same colour as the main colour. 
To figure out the correct sizing, you will need two measurements, snug measurement in inches:
  1. Measurement A: For the collar to be able to slip on & off - Around the their jaw and upper part of the head, just in front the ears or the largest circumference around their head.
  2. Measurement B: For the collar to stay on -  Measure snug, around the smallest circumference around their neck, behind the ears.  
    • See photo if needed!
Example: My 50lb mix breed is 16" around her jaw/in front of her ears (A) & 10" snug around the neck (B).

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Neck stopper Options

Movable neck stopper

This is a default feature that comes with all slip leases. It adjusts to your dogs neck. Once you loop it over their neck, you can move the stopper closer to keep it from slipping open. Applies to both Slip Leashes and French Martingales.

Optional permanent neck stopper

Applies to Slip Leashes only - This does NOT move at all, and allows there to be a safety stop so the slip leash doesn't keep tightening like a noose. As a result, it requires knowledge of the dog's neck circumference. For example, if my dog's neck is 16", I would make this neck stopper stop at 15" so it would never go smaller than 15",allowing your slip leash to be extra safe by reducing the chances of it constricting further.

Choosing lengths:

Slip Leashes - The length is an estimation because the wider the neck, the shorter the leash. Length is based on a neck size of around 16-17"

French Martingales - The length of the leash is meausred from the end of the handle to to end where the leash ends at the collar joined at the 2 rings.

BioThane® is a trademarked artificial material that has the look and feel of leather, but without the problems that comes with leather. It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. It is super low maintenance and comes in various fade-resistant colours.

Size Guide

We attempt to display product images as accurately as possible. However, due to lighting and different devices you might be using, the color in the image may vary slightly for the actual color of the product.

If there is something we can further do to customize your order, do not hesitate to reach out. We can also do triple colours with the handle being a different colour than the other end of the leash with the dog.

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